Shoes: Items for Fashion and Self-expression

Published: 20th October 2011
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Shoes are essential pieces of apparel that everybody wears. A shoe is a type of footwear worn to protect and provide comfort to the feet. The design of shoes and the materials used in their manufacture has evolved through time and may vary across cultures.

When footwear like sandals were first devised by early humans thousands of years ago, they were made with the primary function of protecting the feet from rocks and other rough objects, and the cold. The early forms of footwear were usually made from natural materials such as animal hide.

With industrialization and other developments, other materials like cloths, rubber, and plastics have become common materials used in the manufacture of shoes. Technology has also enabled the mass production of this footwear to become easier. Shoes have become one of the basic needs, and almost everybody owns at least a pair.

Today, with people becoming more fashion conscious, shoes have also become items of decoration or accessories. Most of the shoes produced for both men and women are designed to be trendy, to match the other fashionable pieces of clothing. And this goes beyond human use. Even toys like dolls have fashionable footwear modeled after those used by women: high heels, sneakers, sandals, ballet flats, slippers, and many others. American Girl doll shoes, for instance, come in various designs.

People who are conscious of their fashion sense usually buy shoes of different kinds and designs, to make their wardrobe complete. For instance, a woman may have a pair of sneakers for casual outfits, a pair of heels for dressy occasions, and a pair of open-toed sandals for warm weather. Like these people, most doll owners purchase clothes, American Girl doll shoes, bags and other accessories to make their toys trendy.

Shoes have become more than just protection for the feet; they have also become a way for a person to express himself or herself. With shoes as fashion apparel, a person can radiate his attitude and personality. There are even times when a person chooses to wear uncomfortable shoes, just so he or she can look stylish. The American Girl doll shoes that doll owners purchase also say something about the buyer’s personality and style. The doll, its clothes, and its accessories may be a form of self-expression.

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