Using 18 Inch Dolls for Doll Photography

Published: 25th October 2010
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Dolls have been in existence for many centuries. They have been used for several purposes throughout history. Most dolls from early civilizations were used to represent images of worship. In the present time, dolls are widely used as childrenís toys.

Many people have also kept dolls for the sole purpose of collecting them. This practice is most appealing to artistic individuals who have a keen eye for excellent craftsmanship. Using dolls in photography is a widely used practice in the arts. Amateur photographers use dolls in place of human models to develop their skills. Sometimes, dolls are also used by certain photographers as the subject. Dolls are easy to position for shooting, and because of this, some photographers have specialized in doll photography.

Taking pictures of a doll is much like taking human portraits, only the doll portrait is in miniature form. There are certain photography techniques that should be practiced. Choosing the right background for the subject is important because it can overwhelm or distract the dollís appearance in your photos. Texturized or bright-colored backgrounds may come off too strong, so it may be safer to use simple colors.

Many photographers prefer to use big dolls as their subjects because aside from their size, these dolls can be dressed up with 18 inch dollís clothes that would match most of the photographerís backgrounds. Since these dolls are big, photographers do not need to get too close to capture a good photo.

Well-designed 18 inch dollís clothes with satin fabrics will make a good impact so long as there is proper lighting. It is important to give the doll proper lighting to make the photo attractive and to bring out the details. Taking indoor photos will give you less natural light, which may not be enough to produce a clear photo. Although light bulbs can be helpful, these may affect the color balance of your photo. An outdoor photo shoot is recommended if you have proper flash lighting.

Choosing the right angle is also important. Many photographers take close-up shots of dolls and leave enough space for composition. This may be difficult for those who are using small dolls. Whatever angle photographers prefer, itís definitely easier to use an 18 inch doll. Clothing them wonít be difficult because there are a lot of stores that sell clothes. Moreover, angles of big dolls are a lot easier to capture.

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